“Marking Their Territory”

Dogs are territorial animals, and they use a small amount of urine to deter other dogs. If you notice your pet doing it in the house, you should implement some preventative measures. 

Here is what you can do:

Health Check

First, take them to your local veterinary for some health assessment. If the behaviour is health-related, the vet should address the issue. Some medical conditions such as urinary tract infections can mimic urine marking.

Neuter or Spray Your Dog

Spraying or neutering your pet can minimize the incidences of territory marking. Additionally, it can boost your dog’s health, extend their life, and reduce unwanted dogs in your home. However, neutered dogs can still engage in territory marking but in limited cases.

Establish Yourself as the Leader

Don’t allow your dog to engage in disruptive behaviour, sit on the furniture, roam all over the house, or eat on the table. Develop a dog training routine and ensure that you assert yourself as the leader using assertive and calm energy. Let them earn food through routine exercises to instil dog obedience.

Close Supervision

Supervising your dog can also prevent territory marking. If you don’t have time to watch your dog, place a dog crate in the house and crate-train them. If you catch them marking, stop them, take them outside and reward the correct behaviour.

New Stuff

If you come with other stuff from a place where there is a dog, your pet may think there is a competitor. As a result, they will place new stamps on the items. Therefore, put such things out of their reach.

Territorial marking within your home can be due to indiscipline or lack of dog training. You can correct this habit by implementing the above dog information.