About Us

Our Club was formed in 1993. We were fully affiliated with the Victorian Canine Association (VCA or “Dogs Victoria”), which is the governing body of approximately 240 Clubs that participate in Obedience, Agility, Field and Retrieving Trials, and Dog Conformation Showing. Our Chief and Senior Instructors have about 50 years experience in dog training, and have assisted thousands of people, just like yourself, in achieving a happy and obedient dog.

We do not discriminate between pedigree and non-pedigree animals, and we encourage everyone to participate in Obedience Trials throughout Victoria. We also encourage you to compete in both inter-Club and intra-Club competitions throughout the year. As with any sport, you will only get out of it what you put in. We do not train your dog for you. We train you how to train your dog. If you listen to the Instructors and put into practice what you are being told, it is possible for your dog to be working competently without the use of a leash, and responding to hand signals (no verbal commands) within the short space of 24 one-hour lessons. We have equipment to allow your dog to walk scaffolds, enter tunnels, weave, jump, retrieve, or track lost persons. The level to which you wish to take your dog is entirely up to you. You will be regularly “promoted” through the various classes as you gain confidence, and demonstrate your ability to effectively control your dog. For the well-being of everyone on the ground, please take note of the basic Club Rules which must apply when you are training with us. 

Our History

 Craigieburn Dog Obedience Group commenced in April 1993 as a result of a perceived need for dog training in and around the Craigieburn area. The original instigator of the Club was Wayne Newton, who owned a Rottweiler. Wayne’s dog “Rocky” was a strong and large dog, starting to become a bit of a problem. Wayne had little or no control over the dog, and wanted to have the dog trained, but could find no-one in the area who could help.

Wayne called a public meeting, and ten residents of Craigieburn turned up. From those original ten people, a steering committee was formed, and this eventually resulted in the formation of the Club as we now know it. The backbone of the Club has always been the valuable advice and assistance provided by both Greg and Fay Harding. This couple are highly qualified and experienced dog trainers who had moved from the Northern Territory to live in Craigieburn in 1982.

Before coming to Craigieburn, Greg & Fay had shown and trained German Shepherd Dogs throughout Australia, and both had been either Show or Obedience Instructors at a host of other Clubs. Fay was more involved in the Show Ring, and had achieved an Australian Champion dog with her German Shepherd “Sansie”. Greg had achieved several Obedience titles with various dogs, and was an accredited Dog Obedience Judge with the Victorian Canine Association. He had written several articles for various dog magazines, and was the catalyst behind the repealing of the Alsatian Dogs Ordinance of the Northern Territory. This was an archaic law which determined that if an “Alsatian” was found within the Northern Territory, it had to be shot on sight. When that law was in force, Greg was a Northern Territory Policeman, and had the task of upholding the law.

Most other dog obedience clubs had similar names, usually the “XXX Obedience Dog Club” or the “XXX & Districts Obedience Dog Club”.

In order to be different, Greg chose to adopt a “play on words” and selected the name:

Craigieburn Dog Obedience Group, or Craigieburn D.O.G.

The Club was Incorporated within 3 months of formation, and shortly after was granted affiliation with the Victorian Canine Association and went from strength to strength, eventually boasting 120 members in 1998.

Today the club is financially strong and works with local council to promote responsible dog ownership.

The “motto” of the Club is “My Friend…..My Responsibility” and this truly reflects that the Club is all about promoting responsible dog ownership within the community.

The Club occupies grounds at the Hothlyn Drive Reserve in Craigieburn (more aptly called the Craigieburn Secondary College Oval). This is located at Melway Map Reference 387 A 12.

The Club predominantly draws its members from Craigieburn, Roxburgh Park, Mickleham, Donnybrook, Wallan and even as far north as Kilmore. Occasionally members come from Epping and places a bit further east.