Your first lesson:

In order to eliminate people booking in and not turning up, effectively taking away a place that someone else could have used, we now charge $31 for the first lesson. This is non refundable, as we will always run the class. Your $31 gives you valuable information and will start you on your journey to having an obedient dog.

Should you book and pay for your lesson, and become unable to attend, for genuine reasons (e.g. Covid or family emergencies). Please reschedule your class for as soon as possible afterwards. We will allow up to 3 three reschedules. Refunds will only  be available on a case by case basis. 

Bring yourself, your dog, written proof of vaccination, a leash and correction collar (choke chain). The lesson will be for 1 hour duration. Please wear comfortable clothes and closed-in shoes (no sandals or slip-ons). This lesson will start at 10:00 am (please arrive 30 minutes earlier to allow your dog or puppy time to settle down).

Initial Joining Fee: $50 (New member one-off payment) PLUS

Yearly Membership: $100 Single, $130 Family (includes Public Liability Insurance Levy) ‘Family’ means 2 or more dogs being trained, under the same Family name, and at the same Family address (Also see our Frequently Asked Questions

Lessons: $4 per 1 hour session or $36 for 10 lessons. (Please note: the “fees” are merely to assist us to pay our rentals/rates for the facilities provided by the Hume City Council, and to assist us in purchasing equipment for Trials, etc.) 

We prefer woven cotton or leather leashes about 48 inches or 120cm in length. Please do not buy nylon leashes (similar to car seat belt material) or short chain leashes. We do not use harnesses or “Halti” head controllers. 

How do I join? Simply print out and complete the “Application for Membership” form below, and come along to the Club with payment to cover your Joining Fee & Yearly Membership (apart from the $4 per week Training Fees).

• Application for Membership (pdf, 11kb)

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