Club Rules

Have fun!

You are training your dog. Therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that your animal is well-behaved. We will show you HOW, but ultimately you must control your own dog. 

  • You have a “duty of care” to others in the class to ensure that your dog does NOT attack any other person or dog. Your failure to abide by this Rule may result in your dog having to be muzzled before you are permitted to train. 
  • You are required to keep your dog’s vaccinations up-to-date. This means that we will be checking for proof of vaccination every year. This is for your own protection, as there may well have been disease-carrying dogs on the grounds during the times when we are not there. Ensuring that each and every dog within the Club is vaccinated is the best policy, and means that the Club cannot be blamed for any sickness that your dog may develop. 
  • Your dog should be currently registered with the City of Hume or other local Council
  • If your dog fouls the ground, you are required to collect the faeces and dispose of it using the equipment provided. Please make every effort to keep the grounds clean and free from dog droppings. 
  • Ideally, exercise your dog BEFORE you come to training.
  • If your female dog comes into Oestrum (a “bitch in season”), you should stay away from training for up to 3 weeks or until the season is finished. 
  • You must keep your dog on a leash at all times, unless you are asked to remove the leash by your Instructor. If asked to replace the leash, you should do so immediately.
  • ALL dogs should be under effective control at all times.
  • Classes commence at 8:30am and 10am. Please ensure you arrive at the grounds early, so you are able to start on time, not late or half-way through the lesson. Your late arrival often disturbs other class members and their dogs, and is not fair to your fellow Club members.
  • You should wear comfortable clothing and fully-enclosed shoes. No thongs, slip-ons, backless sandals or bare feet. No dresses or long coats. We are not anti-fashion, but have found that loose and noisy attire tends to distract the dog. May we suggest slacks, jeans or shorts, with a jumper, T-shirt, or windcheater? Lace-up shoes or runners are ideal.
  • NO SMOKING during the class. It’s only one hour long, and you should be able to go this long without need to put tobacco in your mouth!
  • Consider your own level of fitness. If you tire easily, experience any sort of pain or feel you cannot continue, please excuse yourself from the class and relax until you feel bet