Dogs Have Down Days Too

Your dog can get caught up in your work, daily activities, and family responsibilities without you knowing. With such a busy life, you can easily forget to pay attention to your pet friend, resulting in anxiety and stress. The following are signs that your dog feels left out and ignored.

Sleeping More Than Usual

If your pet suddenly prefers to sleep and forego the activities they used to love, it’s a huge concern. Besides, mental stimulation and physical exercise are vital for your dog’s health. If you find your four-legged friend sleeping almost all the time, it can lead to destructive behaviours and less dog obedience. Make time for some play sessions and dog walks to bring back the relationship.

Weight Gain

You can’t compensate for your inability to spend quality time with your pet friend using treats. Doing it will only make them put on more weight since you don’t have time for dog training. Put more emphasis on your dog’s well-being and monitor their calorie intake to ensure they get suitable nutrition.

Poor Appetite

Dogs love to eat. If your pup has a sudden change in appetite, it’s time to take them to the vet to check for any health issues. If there is no medical issue, the dog is most likely feeling depressed, anxious, or neglected. When depressed, your dog will lose their appetite as they crave more love. Schedule routine for mealtimes and reward them for consistent eating.

Dogs can brighten your day and raise your spirits after a rough day. When you notice some of these signs, use the above dog information to make your pet feel loved.