Eftpos now available

In an effort to minimise physical contact we’ve (some would say finally) gotten ourselves an Eftpos machine, Touch-Free payments from your smart phone, Apple Watch, or pay wave card.

Why else? other than it seems that everyone else is doing it. but if you need more reasons….

Cash is finicky.
It needs to be counted (often recounted) and then deposited into the bank.
Having EFTPOS reduces the amount of cash that Craigieburn DOG will be dealing with, thereby reducing the amount of time we spend handling it.

Cash can be stolen.
Cash is so much easier to steal. Although Craigieburn DOG doesn’t really handle or store huge amounts of cash, being predominantly cash based still makes us a target for crime. Craigieburn has been in the past been a victim of theft. This will simply reduce that likeness.

Lightning fast transactions, It’s really fast… no more taking cash making change, issuing a receipt, and then you can start training.   It’s all very simple.

Introducing the training 10 pack, buy in bulk and save. Read more about this in the next post.