Training 10 pack

We love dog training, and we want you to love dog training too.

Over the past 27 years, we’ve seen you come and we’ve seen you go. Some people come for 1 lesson (first lesson is still free) and others come for 100 lessons. It’s clear that the more you put into training your dog, the better your dog will be.

Aristotle once commented on the importance of repetition in education by noting “It is frequent repetition that produces a natural tendency.” When you as a dog handler strive to help your student/s (in this case, your dog/s) acquire new skills, repetition can be a highly effective way to do so – for, as Aristotle mentions, it is how tasks and knowledge can become second – nature for students.

Repetition is a key learning aid because it helps transition a skill from the conscious to the subconscious. It’s the same with dogs, Through repetition, a skill is practiced and repeated over time and gradually becomes easier. As the dog improves, he or she does not need to think consciously about the skill, freeing up mental resources to learn new skills and concepts. Importantly, practice alone doesn’t make perfect — perfect practice makes perfect. Otherwise, bad habits will become ingrained.

Another important aspect of repetition is the interval at which a skill is repeated. Spaced repetition is a learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between practice of previously learned material. Spacing out the rehearsal of a task is important for making sure a task “sticks.” That’s why we encourage you to take your pooches for regular walks and practice what you’ve learnt.

So we give you an incentive, from the first day of training in 2021 (Sunday 7th February, 9:30am), the cost of training will increase to $3 per lesson and we’re introducing a loyalty card scheme. You can purchase 10 lessons in one transaction and get the 10th lesson free, this gives you and your dog incentive to come back every week and get better and better.

Loyalty cards can be purchased on Sunday 7th February, (and soon via the online shop) at a cost of $27 each (Eftpos available), you’ll have one lesson hole punched or stamped at the start of each lesson, when you’ve used your first 9 lessons your 10th training session is free!

It’s important to note, these loyalty cards are non refundable, but there is also no expiry date on them and you can use them as you see fit, (say you want to pay for a friends training session, cause they’ve forgotten their card), the training sessions do not have to be used in 10 consecutive weeks (you might be sick or recovering from a hangover, or a public holiday long weekend may be in effect).

Can you still pay for an individual lesson?, Yes, although as you can see each lesson will be $3 and no free 10th lesson will be offered.