Toilet Training!

House soiling is a major reason dogs lose their homes. Many dog owners don’t want to clean a stinky mess after a busy day at work. For more details on how to train your puppy, continue reading.

Signs Your Dog Needs the Loo

First, you should be on the lookout for some typical signs that the puppy needs the loo. Some include going into a room they have previously toileted in, sniffing the floor, circling, and looking restless. When this happens, take the puppy to the elimination area and wait until they finish their business.

Figure Out the Elimination Area

Dogs prefer different surfaces from paper, towel, cement, puppy pads, and grass. In the first weeks, give the dog some frequent toilet breaks outside to adjust to the new routine or ask from the breeder or rescue centre.

Potty Training Routine

Start by coming up with a dog training schedule that you and the dog will follow. Take the puppy out after waking up, playing, eating, and before bedtime. Also, adopt some repeatable phrases each time you take the dog to the elimination area, such as ‘potty’ or ‘bathroom’, for them to associate the word with the action.

If the dog doesn’t immediately associate with the breaks, you can ignore them for a bit till they start sniffing around to increase the chances of going to the toilet. Once they learn the routine, give them some praise using treats for more dog obedience.

Key Takeaway

With the above dog information, you are guaranteed a happy life with your dog. Remember, potty training can vary in different dogs, so you need to be consistent in your routine.