Animal Behaviour

Unwanted behaviour in dogs ranges from chewing up shoes, jumping on people, pulling on the leash, ignoring commands, and more. Whether puppies or adults, dogs can exhibit these unacceptable habits. Here are some ways to help you stop unwanted behaviour in your dog.

Reward-Based Training

If your dog didn’t learn at a younger age, reward-based dog training could help. Reward the dog when it displays good behaviour and reshapes the unwanted habits. For instance, praise and pet the dog when they lie quietly instead of jumping and barking. On the other hand, if the dog picks a shoe, ignore the unwanted behaviour and give them a dog-friendly toy that is more exciting.


Train your dog regularly to reinforce the bond and recognize you as an authority figure. It helps reduce unwanted habits whenever you give commands or use other techniques. Make sure all family members use the same tactics for consistency. If you train the dog not to jump on you, but others pet them, it will take longer to instil dog obedience.

Interrupt Commands

Come up with interruptive commands to prevent your dog from making unwanted habits. You can choose a word such as ‘drop it,’ ‘no,’ or ‘leave it in a clear and cheerful tone. Ensure that you focus on how you say it and what it means.

Involve a Trainer

You can involve a dog trainer in extreme cases where dog training overwhelms you. Dog trainers can offer more dog information to control your dog and find the best way to stop unwanted behaviour.

In a nutshell, yelling or squirting water at your dog is not the right way to correct unwanted habits in your dog. Try out the above tips, and you will undoubtedly love everything about your dog.