Socialising Your Dog

As a dog owner, you will love having a confident dog around public spaces. While it may not be possible with some dogs, you can use a few socializing tips to make them more confident when outside your home, as discussed below:

Walk Your Dog Out for Frequent Walks

Regular walks with your four-legged friend is a perfect opportunity to interact with other people and dogs. Exposure to the world makes them more confident and less scared. While at it, avoid yelling at the dog when they back and instead distract them with a correction.

Have People Over

Invite a few friends over to make your dog feel comfortable around them. Ensure that your guests don’t overwhelm your dog and instead let the dog approach the guests. If the puppy doesn’t approach them, your friends can toss some treats for the dog to feel confident and make a move.

Expose Your Dog to Different Social Activities

Develop a schedule to introduce your dog to new activities every week to help them socialize. For instance, you can walk them outside the fence to see other dogs play and have fun. Keep on adding more activities until you can comfortably walk with them in other open places.

Professional Dog Training

If you’ve tried these dog training methods and the dog doesn’t seem to respond well, you can seek help from a professional trainer. The experts have the correct dog information to socialize your dog. You can also opt for dog classes from a dog obedience club where there are other people and dogs.

Socializing your dog is a pretty straight forward exercise. Whether young or old, repetition and consistency are vital in socializing your dog.